M  O  D   E   L   I   N   G

P  O   R  T  F  O   L  I  O

Theresa has been modeling for over eleven years. She has had wonderful opportunities shooting with exceptional photographers such as Nick Stokes, Lenka Drstakova, Halstan Williams, and many more. She has also had experience with runway and promotional modeling. Resume is available upon request.



T  H  E  R  E  S  A  

C    R    O    F    T

Living what I L O V E.

As an actress, singer, dancer, and lifestyle model, I have been blessed to experience performance opportunities in several cities and stages of my life.

I am passionate about spreading art into the world through various platforms.

I am intrigued by human behavior, and often travel around on foot or by bike to experience different environments. I am a lover of movement (Yes, I am one to take a cycle class, hike, then do yoga or tap dance later on in the day). I enjoy reading, drawing, shoe shopping and anything lavender - my favorite color!

Life is a journey of stories, and I savor each story I am able to share.

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I began dancing at the age of three, and have been an advocate of movement for the majority of my life.

Primarily a tap dancer, I love the way movement, sound, and even silence, can be used to create story. Along with tap dance, I am constantly taking class genres such as theatre jazz, ballet, jazz funk, and hip hop. I am also a huge health and fitness enthusiast, so being outdoors on a hike, bike ride, run, or practicing yoga will always be involved at some point during my day/week.


M  O  D   E   L   I   N   G

P  O   R  T  F  O   L  I  O

I began modeling at a young age, and I love to provoke a story through photographs. I've had the pleasure of working with  exceptional photographers such as Nick Stokes, Lenka Drstakova, Halstan Williams, Lena Melnik, and many more. I primarily work in the lifestyle/commercial and beauty markets.



M  U  S  I  C  A  L

T  H  E  A  T  R  E 

 A  C  T  I  N  G


I hold my BFA in Performing Arts Musical Theatre and have since then been featured on episodics, web series, and most recently, I was very honored to play the lead role in a short film documentary. I have also taken on a leading role as a popular video game character. More is to come! :)

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Performance Clips

Performance Clips

Performance Clips
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COMEDY Selections_Theresa Croft

COMEDY Selections_Theresa Croft

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DRAMATIC Selections_Theresa Croft

DRAMATIC Selections_Theresa Croft

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Period Piece_RP:British

Period Piece_RP:British

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Fluttered Space Snipit

Fluttered Space Snipit

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S   O   U    N    D


Words have so much power. Writing lyrics and portraying my thoughts and inspiration to the world is my passion. I have been songwriting since I was eleven years old, and currently cannot go a day without creating new melodies and lyrics. I collaborate with talented musicians to accompany my lyrics, and also play chord piano and guitar.

I am totally "that person" who does vocal warm-ups in traffic, and waits until the prime "work hours" to sing in my apartment with the hopes that no one minds my musicianship. (:


 R E L E A S E S

Standing Still

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